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Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a troublesome and common complaint. PE is defined as ejaculation before penetration or within a minute after penetration. It is associated with younger men, and tends to improve with age. It is often so problematical that the sufferer avoids any sexual contact: it can be so embarrassing that medical advice is not sought.

There are many theories as to causation, none of which bear much examination. Some men are predisposed to rapid ejaculation: some men have difficulty achieving ejaculation. Both extremes create anxiety which exacerbates the situation.

A distinction needs to be made between premature ejaculation and early ejaculation. Early ejaculation is defined as occurring before both partners are mutually satisfied. Kinsey was of the opinion that most men ejaculate around two minutes after penetration. Today “intravaginal ejaculation latency time” (IELT) is considered to be typically between four and eight minutes: this varies between individuals, and from occasion to occasion.

At the WellMan Clinic we can assure you of careful and sympathetic assessment of the condition by an experienced doctor. There are modern medical treatments which can be extremely effective in returning control over your performance.

What ‘s included in our assessment?

  • A ½ hourconsultation with a doctor
  • Blood tests, if indicated
  • Discussion of appropriate treatment options

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