Did you know that Caesar was bald? Or that an ancient remedy for sexual dysfunction was to urinate through the keyhole of the church you were married in? Find out more interesting facts, figures, myths and realities about the medical world.

The Curious Case of Latino Longevity

  As we get older, a certain amount of aches, pains and grumbles are to be expected, and we’re all generally resigned to the toll time will eventually take on our bodies. But some believe that, in the future, we won’t need to be…and there’s a growing body of research dedicated to investigating whether ageing … Continued

Is Hair Loss a Part and Parcel of Masculinity?

Hair loss has been bothering men for millennia. While the loss of body hair that help characterise our development from primate to homosapien presumably passed by with little fanfare – the loss of the scant hair retained on our scalps is source of great consternation for men globally. The first recorded remedy for hair loss … Continued

Only One Sperm Wins

We all began in more or less the same place. Crushed in the head of the epididymis, packed in with millions of potential brothers and sisters; a dense cell full of DNA, propelled by a spermatozoon – a singular tail. You and your half-formed siblings are forcefully expelled from the epididymis, make the winding journey … Continued

Is Big Still Beautiful?

Is big still beautiful? Venus did not suddenly appear in ancient Greece only to be stolen by the Romans, to be venerated by emperors as the archetypal goddess of love and sex. Her origins were tens of millennia earlier, near enough 35,000 years ago in Northern Europe. Then she was only a handful of soft limestone … Continued

Are You Drinking in Line with New Guidelines?

Gentlemen, the advantage is over! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week and a half, you’ve probably noticed that the UK has released new guidelines about alcohol consumption. The recommended amount has been dialled down, and men are now being advised to drink no more than women. Tantamount to asking Texans … Continued

The Male Menopause [Infographic]

You might think women have the monopoly on hormones and HRT; but you’d be wrong. In fact many men also go through a period often called the ‘male menopause’. Now, the name doesn’t have much to do with what’s actually happening. Unlike the female menopause, where the female body has a significant drop in oestrogen; … Continued

Why size doesn’t matter

Are you a grower or a shower? Turns out, when it comes to the opposite sex, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Gentlemen, assemble. It’s time you knew the truth. Size doesn’t matter. Before you protest, hold on a minute. Listen. These aren’t just the comforting words of an understanding girlfriend as you … Continued

Buddha And Banting

Old Ma Kelly With a bamboo belly And her tits tied up with string Sitting on the grass With a bugle up her arse Playing God Save the King … an age-old and cruel playground chant, describing with startling accuracy a poor exhausted Irish catholic wife who had suffered God knows how many pregnancies: the … Continued

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