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Red Flags in a Heat Wave

Following the inevitable melt down of “Lucifer” over the next few weeks, violent electrical storms are predicted: these may well give rise to a further period of excessively hot weather in the UK. But today, hundreds of thousands of cold, damp, pink Brits will be stripping off on the beaches of southern Europe to broil … Continued

Can Too Much Vitamin D Harm Your Health?

Here at The Wellman Clinic, we have written before about the not inconsiderable health benefits of Vitamin D, as well as the specific issue of Vitamin D deficiency currently facing the UK. As a nation, we’re not exactly renowned for blazing, glorious sunshine, and as such many of us struggle to get the recommended daily … Continued

Sex by Numbers – The Perfect Penis

Ah, the perfect penis. Does such a thing exist? In classical times, large penises were seen as bestial or unseemly (which is why Roman statues are so ungenerously endowed), but there seems to be an increasing trend towards ‘the bigger the better’, with 45% of men reporting a desire for a larger penis in two … Continued

It’s a Porn-demic! Could Your Online Viewing Habits Be Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction?

Pornography. Where once Playboy’s naughty pics caused moral outrage, we now see mainstream advertising which could make Hugh Heffner blush – it’s part of our society. And where once getting hold of some hardcore naked action involved a blush-inducing trip to your local video store (wearing an optional grubby mac, detective hat and sunglasses), facilitating … Continued

Would You Take Viagra for the Brain?

If you have a headache you take a paracetamol. If you’re vitamin D deficient you take a daily supplement. If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction you take Viagra. Popping pills to treat physical issues is the one of the most everyday things in the world. But what if you just don’t think you’re smart enough? … Continued

Staying Sharp: Can We Prevent Cognitive Decline?

Senior moments happen to the best of us. You walk into a room and forget why you’ve entered. You spend half an hour searching for your spectacles before having it pointed out that they are sat on top of your head. You might have always been absent minded – I, for example, am naturally incapable … Continued

Welcome to Mile-High Airlines [Video]

Lifestyle advice can be overwhelming, and hard to take; but your choices have an impact on your sexual health. So, to soften the blow – let’s hear it straight from the lady’s lips.  Here’s the Ladies Lips Guide to flying with ‘Mile-High AirLines’. Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to Mile High Airlines. Our destination today is … Continued

Sex on the Beach [Video]

Time spent in the sun doesn’t just result in a fabulous tan; it also allows the body the opportunity to absorb all of the vitamin D it needs. Vitamin D is a vital mineral, one that allows the body to absorb calcium, which is vital to maintain healthy teeth and bones. There is also evidence … Continued

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