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Health Screening and Treatment for Men In London | The Wellman Clinic

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Welcome To The Wellman Clinic

Health screening and treatment for men

Your health is your life. You want to stay fit and feel well.

Choose health screening and treatment from The WellMan Clinic.

The WellMan Clinic specialises in medical advice, examinations and treatment specifically for men. We offer executive health screening, testosterone replacement therapy, prostate cancer screening, and medical support on worrying sexual concerns such as  erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. For impotence treatments, we also offer a private prescription service for our patients.

Together, we ‘ll help you live longer, last longer in bed, be more physically active, work more effectively and have more vitality to do the things you enjoy.

Let The WellMan Clinic make a difference to your life.

To book an appointment call us on
+44 (0)20 7637 2018  

Why choose the WellMan Clinic?

  • 30 years of medical experience and expertise
  • New patients: initial complimentary telephone discussion with a qualified men's health doctor click here
  • Wide range of health screens including prostate cancer check
  • Discreet and professional environment
  • Convenient, central London location (next to Harley Street), within very close proximity to leading medical specialist facilities

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