Well men live longer

Our comprehensive executive health screen is an excellent way to help you understand your current state of health and identify areas of potential risk for the future. As you reach middle age, it is advisable to get checked at least once a year by one of our highly experienced doctors.

Many people find regular full health examinations reassuring, and certainly, in the event of a treatable condition being diagnosed, recommendations for treatment can be made without delay. We will also write to your GP informing them of any significant findings, if you wish.

Our efficient approach keeps routine screening affordable; without sacrificing accuracy. We focus our checks on the most medically important essentials, only carrying out more specialised investigations should they be necessary and clearly indicated.

What’s included in our executive health screen?

  •     One hour consultation including lifestyle issues with one of our experienced male doctors
  •     Full physical examination including height and weight measurement
  •     Investigations including full blood count, liver and kidney function, blood sugar,
  •     serum uric acid, serum proteins, bone metabolism, full lipid profile
  •     Urinalysis
  •     Prostate screen


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