The world of medicine is a fast moving place and there’s always something new to discuss. Here are our thoughts and impressions on the latest in health news.

Let the Sun Shine in – The Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Sunlight is a resource sadly lacking in Britain at the moment – after three days of buoyant sunshine some time back in April, summer seems to have packed its bags and left for friendlier climes – and the implications of the sun’s reluctance to shine are vastly further reaching than simply messing up our barbeques … Continued

Growing Your Own Heart Healthy Veg [Infographic]

Forget the pumping music, clinical lighting and rippling narcissism of the gym – the best way to get your cardio (while doing something that you genuinely enjoy) is gardening. As any keen gardener already knows, digging, raking, weeding and mulching are a fantastic way of getting your heart-rate up, while sowing, harvesting, watering and planting … Continued

Bikini or Burqa?

I was three or four and I remember squatting in my underpants wearing dark goggles staring, mesmerised, at a vivid bright blue light which fizzed and popped loudly. The air smelt dangerously acrid. Being a compliant child, I sat quietly along with several of my peers in a semi-circle around this somewhat threatening pseudo-sun. The … Continued

A Token of Love; Sex Toys at the Oscars

The Oscars, a time for the bright and the beautiful of the film industry to finally receive the attention and recognition they so roundly deserve. A chance for their humble and self-effacing efforts in the field of entertainment to enjoy much deserved applause and to finally be rewarded for their tireless service to Hollywood. And … Continued

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