We know that when it comes to health, the best offence is defence! We’ve written a series of blogs about how to keep your body in tip-top condition as you age.

Four Functions of Testosterone

Everyone knows what testosterone does – or rather, they think they know what testosterone does. It’s is most famous for causing the development of male sexual characteristics [1], but this complex hormone has a lot more to it than that. It’s actually present in women too, though in much lower quantities – and it has … Continued

Do Big Prostates Cause Bad Erections

… the short answer is no, not directly. But prostates do tend to grow larger with advancing age, so much so that they can cause really annoying LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms) – poor urinary stream, urgency, frequency, nocturia, hesitation and dribbling. Before surgery is given a thought, GPs and urologists will prescribe any one … Continued

How Often Do the Happiest Couples Have Sex?

‘Am I having the right amount of sex?’ is an age-old question. We ask it when we’re young adults, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to lose our virginity. We ask it when we start out in a new relationship, and are worried that we’re having so much sex that we might actually be damaging our organs. … Continued

Sexercise: How to Make the Most of Your Bedtime

We’re used to euphemisms which compare sex to a good, sweaty workout – and if you’ve ever read a tabloid paper, you’re probably familiar with the idea of sex as an exercise replacement, too. Every once in a while a story will pop up, exalting sex’s muscle-building, calorie-burning potential. But is this just wishful thinking, … Continued

The Alarming Importance of Dental Hygiene

We at Wellman have often talked about the causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) – we know that testosterone deficiency, or hypogonadism, is linked to erectile dysfunction [1], and that as we age, our testosterone levels naturally start to decline [2]. But we were interested to see a recent study conclude that erectile dysfunction may also … Continued

How to Have Better Sex When You’re Bigger

Most people put on a bit of extra weight as they get older – it’s a natural consequence of your metabolism slowing with age. It’s normal not to appear as slim as you were in your youth, and as long as you’re exercising frequently and eating healthily there’s nothing inherently wrong with carrying a few … Continued

Could Sex Furniture Transform Your Sex Life?

The way they go on, it sometimes seems like the young think they invented sex. With their hook-up apps and their easy-going attitude towards one night stands, it’s almost as though they want a monopoly on the whole business. As you get older you can look back on that kind of thinking and chuckle to … Continued

Sex at the End of Life

Sexuality is an enormous part of our character. It lies at the heart of our most intimate relationships, providing not just pleasure but a deep connection with some of the most important people in our lives. We’ve become fairly good at acknowledging and talking about the vital role of sex in a well-rounded life, at … Continued

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