Alcohol – The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent

First there was Dry January, then Stoptober began setting its sights on drinking as well as smoking – it seems that these days there’s no end to the amount of inventive new buzzwords and trendy campaigns designed to make us think twice about the amount of alcohol we’re drinking. The UK’s alcohol consumption has in … Continued

Is Being Overweight Always that Bad?

With new fad diets popping up more regularly than work emails when you’re on holiday, it seems that everyone is watching their weight – and usually ours too, whether we asked them to or not. It can feel like we’re at risk of developing a killjoy obsession with the scales, but is this fixation justified? … Continued

Red Flags in a Heat Wave

Following the inevitable melt down of “Lucifer” over the next few weeks, violent electrical storms are predicted: these may well give rise to a further period of excessively hot weather in the UK. But today, hundreds of thousands of cold, damp, pink Brits will be stripping off on the beaches of southern Europe to broil … Continued

Can Too Much Vitamin D Harm Your Health?

Here at The Wellman Clinic, we have written before about the not inconsiderable health benefits of Vitamin D, as well as the specific issue of Vitamin D deficiency currently facing the UK. As a nation, we’re not exactly renowned for blazing, glorious sunshine, and as such many of us struggle to get the recommended daily … Continued

Should You Try Following the ‘Clean Eating’ Trend?

If the moniker ‘Generation Z’ still reminds you of a postmodernist satirical novel and ‘Instagram’ brings to mind a set of digital scales, then you may not yet be familiar with the ‘clean eating’ trend which has been storming the Western world over the last couple of years. Promoted by shiny-haired, rippling bodied fitness models … Continued

Do Big Prostates Cause Bad Erections

… the short answer is no, not directly. But prostates do tend to grow larger with advancing age, so much so that they can cause really annoying LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms) – poor urinary stream, urgency, frequency, nocturia, hesitation and dribbling. Before surgery is given a thought, GPs and urologists will prescribe any one … Continued

How Often Do the Happiest Couples Have Sex?

‘Am I having the right amount of sex?’ is an age-old question. We ask it when we’re young adults, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to lose our virginity. We ask it when we start out in a new relationship, and are worried that we’re having so much sex that we might actually be damaging our organs. … Continued

Sex by Numbers – The Perfect Penis

Ah, the perfect penis. Does such a thing exist? In classical times, large penises were seen as bestial or unseemly (which is why Roman statues are so ungenerously endowed), but there seems to be an increasing trend towards ‘the bigger the better’, with 45% of men reporting a desire for a larger penis in two … Continued

Sexercise: How to Make the Most of Your Bedtime

We’re used to euphemisms which compare sex to a good, sweaty workout – and if you’ve ever read a tabloid paper, you’re probably familiar with the idea of sex as an exercise replacement, too. Every once in a while a story will pop up, exalting sex’s muscle-building, calorie-burning potential. But is this just wishful thinking, … Continued

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