The Importance of Positive Ageing

As a society we seem to have developed an obsessive fear of ageing – gone are the days when age was something to be respected, as conferring experience and wisdom. (If Hamlet were set today, would it still be believable that Laertes would bother sitting through Polonius’ advice? Grunting at his Facebook feed on his … Continued

Could Testosterone Boost Your Work Life?

As you start making the difficult journey into your more mature years, you’ll no doubt find yourself facing a few challenges you hadn’t even considered back in your youth. The first time you realise that you really can’t stay for “just one more pint” when you know you have to be up early is a … Continued

Could Great Sex Send You to Your Grave?

The English may have a reputation as prudes, but, living in modern Britain, it can seem almost impossible to get away from sex. From tabloid newspapers to reality television, everything seems geared around sex: who’s having it, how often they’re having it, and who they’re having it with. And here at the Wellman Clinic we’ve … Continued

The Curious Case of Latino Longevity

  As we get older, a certain amount of aches, pains and grumbles are to be expected, and we’re all generally resigned to the toll time will eventually take on our bodies. But some believe that, in the future, we won’t need to be…and there’s a growing body of research dedicated to investigating whether ageing … Continued

Who the Heck is Saint Nick?

Who the Heck is Saint Nick? In 828, during the rush to rescue the remains of antique Christian heroes from the iconoclastic clutches of new Muslim rulers, Venice captured most of Saint Mark. Some leftovers remained in Alexandria, most notably his head. Venice had similar designs on Saint Nicholas, the erstwhile Graeco-Roman Nikolaos, Bishop of … Continued

Don’t Panic – It’s Only Garring Koro

… But your willy will disappear, your nipples will invert, and your pussy will shrink to a twist of shrivelled petals. Yes, really. Garring Koro (literally “to shrink” in Indonesian dialect) is an epidemic disorder which is said to carry a significant mortality in China. It is confined to Asia: no epidemics have been reported, … Continued

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