How to Have Better Sex When You’re Bigger

Most people put on a bit of extra weight as they get older – it’s a natural consequence of your metabolism slowing with age. It’s normal not to appear as slim as you were in your youth, and as long as you’re exercising frequently and eating healthily there’s nothing inherently wrong with carrying a few extra pounds. Clinical obesity, however, can carry serious health risks, and can have a negative impact on your sex life.

31% of obese people experience sexual problems, compared to only 15% of an average weight. 79% of men with erectile dysfunction are overweight, in part due to falling testosterone levels as you put on weight. So if you’re very overweight, and experiencing problems with your sex life, your first port of call should be trying to get back down to a healthy weight.

Having said that, you can still be a healthy weight even if you aren’t model-thin – and that extends to your sex life, too. Here’s how to get the most out of your bedroom activities, whatever your size.

Be Confident in Your Body

It’s hard to feel sexual when you’re not feeling body-confident, and in our image-conscious society, being a heavier weight can play on your mind. But different people find different bodies attractive, and it’s no reason to feel less sexually confident.

It’s important to communicate with your partner if body confidence is affecting your sex life – aside from anything else, if you are regularly turning down sex or refusing intimacy with your partner, they may worry that the problem lies with them. By discussing your issues, you can work on them together, and you’ll be reassured that, to your partner, a bigger body is no big deal.

Explore Different Positions for Sex

Getting the right angle is crucial for good sex. Carrying extra weight changes the physical dynamics of your sex life, but there are many positions to try out which are comfortable for the overweight. You could try a slightly altered missionary position, kneeling between your partner’s legs to give you ease of access. Some larger people prefer a kind of foetal position, lying in a little spoon-big spoon arrangement. Doggie style is also widely used where the male partner is larger than the female, allowing the man to hit their partner’s G-spot and giving the woman better access for clitoral stimulation. There are plenty of exciting positions to try out, so play round and see what works best for you.

Spice Up Your Sex Life with Some Sex Furniture

It might sound a little ‘sex dungeon’, but furniture designed to enhance your sex life can be surprisingly helpful when you’re overweight. A simple addition like the Liberator Wedge can support excess weight and open up new angles, making it easier to gain deeper access. It’s a handy tool for making sex a bit easier, and can add a little extra spice to the proceedings, too.

Sex is there for everyone to enjoy, no matter how much you weigh, so don’t let a few extra pounds stop you from enjoying the delights it has to offer – life’s far too short. If your weight is affecting your sex life, or you suspect it may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction, get in touch with the Wellman Clinic to see how we can help. From Testosterone Replacement Therapy to nutritional advice and counselling, we can help you to get your sex life back on track. .

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