Could Sex Furniture Transform Your Sex Life?

The way they go on, it sometimes seems like the young think they invented sex. With their hook-up apps and their easy-going attitude towards one night stands, it’s almost as though they want a monopoly on the whole business. As you get older you can look back on that kind of thinking and chuckle to yourself – did we ever really think that once we hit our fifties we’d spend our evenings reading the paper by the fire, shunning sex like some aged monk? It’s an odd opinion that affects all kinds of people, not just the old – the disabled and the overweight, too, get overlooked by the blasé attitudes of the young, fit and healthy.

Look at how we treat the progression of sexuality with age, for example. Many young people assume that older people simply aren’t having sex (if, that is, they ever think about it at all). But of course that’s false – 25% of men over 85 still have a sex life, and indeed, one that’s apparently happier and healthier than that of those decades younger. Bear in mind that having a sex life doesn’t necessarily involve penetrative sex – older people may choose to adapt their sex lives to meet their new needs. And sex furniture can be a positive way to adapt to decreased mobility, or aches and pains – whether you’re getting on in years, suffering from back pain or carrying a little more weight than you used to.

You might think that someone in their 80s would be too conservative to hop on a sex swing. Surely such things are for daring young people, spicing up their sex lives in exciting new ways, not their octogenarian grandparents? But in fact sex furniture is ideal for addressing some of the physical limitations to maintaining your sex life as you age. Take the wedge and ramp – they might look a little silly, but they’re perfect for sex that’s easy on the back and joints, particularly the knees, wrists and neck. Of course, that doesn’t just apply to older people – anyone suffering from back pain could benefit from using these accessories. By providing support, as well as enhancing the depth of penetration, they can greatly heighten intercourse.

The sex lives of the overweight provide another interesting example. Revel Furniture’s Essence Chair adjusts to seven different positions, making a variety of angles possible during sex – and those who are carrying a few extra pounds have found that that can make sex far easier. The added support the chair can give benefits everyone from those with back pain to people with hip replacements – whether you’re feeling less flexible than you once were, or find maintaining certain positions without support uncomfortable, sex furniture can open up the options which will bring relief.

Spicing up your sex life with the right accoutrements can make for a really lively night. We might not have realised it when we were younger, but as you get older you find your sex life can actually get richer and more open to new experiences. Your grandkids might be a little startled to find you enjoying the raunchy sex furniture they wouldn’t dare to try themselves, but that’s no reason not to do it.  Hop on board and start indulging – it’s worth it just to see the look on your grandchildren’s faces when you mention your new hobby in your next conversation.

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