Growing Your Own Heart Healthy Veg [Infographic]

Forget the pumping music, clinical lighting and rippling narcissism of the gym – the best way to get your cardio (while doing something that you genuinely enjoy) is gardening. As any keen gardener already knows, digging, raking, weeding and mulching are a fantastic way of getting your heart-rate up, while sowing, harvesting, watering and planting are a gentle, relaxing way to fit some lighter cardio in – and, just as importantly, the satisfaction and enjoyment gardening affords you makes exercising a pleasure, not a chore.

Gentle gardening is ideal if you suffer from arthritis or find it difficult to get out and about that often, or, if you’re looking for a more rigorous al fresco workout, try alternating strenuous activities such as digging, with lighter ones, such as pruning. And let’s not forget about the fruits of your labour – there’s little more satisfying than cooking up a meal using vegetables you grew yourself, and they taste so much fresher and more flavoursome than those on offer at the supermarket that you’ll be chowing down on more vitamins in no time.

Our infographic gives you an easy-to-follow guide on the best heart-boosting veg to grow, and how to go about it – so get out there and get growing, soldier!

Heart_ healthy_Vegetables | Infographic | WellMan

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