A Token of Love; Sex Toys at the Oscars

The Oscars, a time for the bright and the beautiful of the film industry to finally receive the attention and recognition they so roundly deserve. A chance for their humble and
self-effacing efforts in the field of entertainment to enjoy much deserved applause and to finally be rewarded for their tireless service to Hollywood.

And as a token of gratitude for attending the award ceremony – what could be more appropriate than delivering a $250,000 goodie bag to the nominees for Best Actor, Actress and Director?

This year the famed Oscar goodie bag almost doubled in value. ­­While previous years featured vouchers for liposuction, vibrators, luxury condoms and mind control lessons – this year’s haul of gifts included weight loss supplements, complementary “Vampire Breast Lifts” (whereby a woman’s own blood is used to enhance her breast size) and the $250 Nuelle Fiera Arouser for Her, a sexual aid designed as a ‘pre-hancer’ for foreplay.

The Nuelle Fiera is unlike a vibrator in that it’s stated aim is not to bring the wearer to orgasm, but to ‘stimulate blood flow in the clitoris and encourage vaginal lubrication, helping awaken the body for an intimate and enjoyable sexual experience.

While deciding whether or not you would rather use a toy to help you ‘see to yourself’ is one thing – readying the body for intimacy is another.

Fiera Sex Toy in laddies Hand

[1 Source: Nuella Fiera]

Erectile dysfunction is fairly obvious for men, physically. For women, however, who are also susceptible to sexual dysfunction, the problem can be easily hidden in ‘When Harry met Sally’-esque performances and complaining the problem away with a ‘headache’.

If readying the body for intimacy by yourself is a way of overcoming obstacles to arousal – this could be a more helpful tool than the so-called ‘pink viagra’. Keeping in mind that figures estimate that over 80% of women have difficulty achieving orgasms through vaginal intercourse alone, the Nuelle Fiera could be a helpful tool.

If there’s one big objection to the Nuelle Fiera, with its clitoral stimulation and suction cup leaving the hands free for ‘other activities’ it’s the implication that ladies better use a tool to achieve sexual arousal before sex – because god forbid their partner tries. Remarket the Fleshlight as a ‘pre-hancer’ and heck! You and your partner don’t even need to touch before penetration.

Sexual difficulties can put a huge strain on any relationship, and an unresponsive partner is almost assured to cause anxiety, reluctance and tension. But much like Viagra being ineffective when the user is not aroused; a device to stimulate blood flow to the clitoris will only help stimulate arousal if the user is in the mood.

Using medication and toys to help your sex life can be effective and enjoyable. But they are unlikely to be successful if used in lieu of intimacy, open communication, trust and attention to your partner’s pleasure.

Then again, if as many Hollywood starlets are in relationships ‘just for the publicity’ as the press would have you believe, maybe the Nuelle Fiera is just what they need.

[1] – https://www.fiera.com/product/fiera/

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