Why size doesn’t matter

Are you a grower or a shower? Turns out, when it comes to the opposite sex, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Gentlemen, assemble. It’s time you knew the truth.

Size doesn’t matter.

Why Size Doesn't Matter | Wellman Clinic

Before you protest, hold on a minute. Listen. These aren’t just the comforting words of an understanding girlfriend as you unveil your little man for the first time. There are facts, figures, statistics, anecdotes and yes, SCIENCE backing up this statement.

1. Women don’t think it’s important

You might think, from watching television and film, that the one thing on a woman’s mind is the size of her partner’s dong. Well, studies have shown that out of a broad range of penis features, the size is one of the least important things to women.
More important to women than the size of their partners penis was its cosmetic appearance and the appearance of pubic hair. So keeping yourself trimmed and clean will do much more for the attractiveness of your penis than worrying about its length.[1]

2. Your girlfriend likes your penis more than you do

If you’ve ever expressed anxiety about your male member to your partner, and received words of encouragement or compliments in return – you might not have been completely convinced by their response. Turns out, this is probably more to do with your own insecurities than your partner being supportive rather than truthful.Studies have found that a far larger number of men are dissatisfied with their penis size than women expressing dissatisfaction with their partner’s. Some statistics even put this at only 15% of women feeling dissatisfied, versus 55% of men.[2]

3. A bigger penis doesn’t necessarily deliver better orgasms

To the woman, that is. Only around 20% of women are easily able to reach orgasm via vaginal intercourse alone. [3] Only women who were easily and frequently able to experience vaginal orgasms showed a significant preference towards men with larger penises. So, for most women, the length of your penis has absolutely no influence on your skills as a lover.

4. How attractive your penis is could depend on how tall you are

No, this doesn’t mean that tall men have more attractive penises. The women studied expressed a preference for penises that were proportionate to the height and size of the man they were attached to. So while your penis might be smaller or larger compared to other men’s, women don’t really mind. What matters is that it looks like it is proportionate to the rest of your body. [4]

5. Penises which are too large are a turn off 

Men with big penises reading this may have gotten this far and still maintained a happy level of smugness. Well, this might wipe the smile off their faces, because it turns out that flaccid penises over 7.6cm were actually ranked as being unattractive by females.[5]

Next time you’re in a changing room, peering sideways at the member of the man next to you – remember, comparing yourself to other men isn’t helpful! Penises come in all shapes and sizes, and the length doesn’t have much influence on the pleasure you can give your partner. If you really want to make sure you’re a Casanova in the bedroom; embrace your natural penis size and google ‘clitoris’ instead.

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