All You Need To Know About Erections [Video]

All You Need To Know About Erections from WellMan Clinic on Vimeo.

The male sexual organ is a weird and wonderful thing, and you could fill volumes with all the quirky facts and interesting titbits there are about this revered member. So, we’ve decided to narrow it down and spell out the ABC of erections, everything you need to know in a helpfully alphabetised list.

Ever wonder how your diet affects your dick? Or what the scientific name for that late night boner is? How about what the full lyrics to ‘The Penis Song’ by Monty Python are? Put all of your anxieties and insecurities to rest, because when it comes to your cock there is a wealth of knowledge out there. Some of the information is helpful (what are the main causes of erectile dysfunction?) and some is just fun (what’s your nickname for a shag without emotion?)

For all your penis related queries – it’s as easy as A B C…

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